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4 Walker Way, Albany NY, 12205

4 Walker Way

Clark Industrial Park, 4 Walker Way is a great place to grow your business, build your business or expand your business.


13000 sqft Available


3000sqft Mezzanine Space (1850sqft second floor offices | 1150 mezzanine storage area)

3700sqft 1st Floor Offices

6300sqft Warehouse & Warehouse storage

4 Overhead Doors



Additional Amenitites Included:

- Receiption Area

- Large Parking Lot

- Full Kitchen

- Conference Room

- 4 Bathrooms (two on each level)




Call Joe Clark Realty, exclusive agent for Clark Industrial Park, today to schedule a showing. 518-869-8193

Clark Industrial Park 4 Walker Way Street view of 4 Walker Way, Clark Industrial Park Clark Industrial Park Entrance Way

Quick Description:

Total 13000 sq ft

Office: 6700 sq ft

Warehouse: 6300 sq ft




$7.00 p/sqft + NNN

4 WW Suite 3 Second Floor Plan_00 4 WW Suite 3 First Floor Plan

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